Underhill Stables

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All of our boarding opportunities at Underhill are full care. We offer stall and pasture board. Plus we have a mini/pony zone!

We offer basic blanketing and holding of horse for routine vet and farrier visits.

All Boarding packages have use of full facility!!

Our Facility 

Riding at Underhill

Enjoy riding rain or shine in our large indoor arena or spend time jumping or running barrels in our oversized outdoor ring. We encourage and welcome all styles of riding.    

We also have several trails around the property for you to enjoy. 

The Barn

We have large bright stalls with rubber mats, fresh shavings and individual water hoses to each stall for easy watering. Each stall has a large tote for extra storage. 

There are large windows on the rear of the barn that lets in natural light and great views of our back pastures and woods.

We have a newly renovated tack room just for boarders!!

Each boarder has their own space. With a tote, 1 saddle rack and shelf to house all your belongings. There is also a mini fridge, leather couch and small window.  

We have several tie areas along the barn.

Each tie area has a mat, to keep our horses comfortable. All tie areas have a short and long breakaway tie. To insure the safety of our horses and boarders. 


We believe strongly that horses should be munching hay and forage as much as possible. Horses are natural grazers. Grazing has many values to keeping a horse healthy so more the better!! We offer round bales and or square bales. We use a local hay farmer that provides all of our hay. We also offer other sources of forage to our horses for extra nutrition if needed. 

Its all About the Horse!

Underhill understands like people all horses are unique.  We have specialized feeding programs. We offer multiple feedings to ensure our horses get exactly what they require.  We also will soak alfalfa and feed basic supplements and oils. 

We Strongly believe that having like minded group turn out benefits our horses.  It eliminates injuries and keeps our horses stress free and happy:)

Our Pasture boarded horses have lots of room in our new 16/30 run-in shelter. The run-in is attached to our indoor arena for added protection from wind and bad weather. They have an area for wet and muddy seasons that open up to a large paster surrounded by woods.  This allows for shade on those sunny days. 

The Mini/Pony Zone

We understand that our little guys have different needs than regular sized horses. There is no grass to help with metabolic issues. They get regular hay feedings plus grain if needed.  They also have a mini run-in shelter to keep them comfortable. The mini zone runs along the other side of the indoor arena that gives them extra protection and shade. 

Stall Board Routine 

Morning mini health check to insure everyone had a good night. 

Then feeding time!!Am grain feed then out to play with like minded friends (weather permitting).   

Added lunch grain for an added fee (special needs) 

Pm grain ,Mini health check ,then depending on horse needs back to play with their friends for Pm turn out (weather permitting). 


Or spend the night snuggled in their stall with fresh water and hay.We do offer a 4th grain feeding for an extra fee. 

Boarders are welcome to hang added toys and salt blocks to keep horses entertained. We also offer slow feeding hay nets to keep our horses happy and busy while stalled. 

Pasture Board Routine 

Morning mini health check to insure everyone had a good night. 

Then feeding time!! For horses that get grain. We believe that all horses should be separated while having their grain. This insures everyone gets exactly what they need. We use our grooming ties for feeding. So everyone is separated and safe while feeding. 

Then back out for play time. We also offer Pm grain feedings to our Pasture board horses. Before bedtime they get another mini health check to insure everyone is safe for the night.